Unearth Black Gold at Anthonij Rupert Estate

Renowned internationally as ‘black gold’, the culinary delicacy of fresh truffles is often a hot topic for conversation – not only for their fetching price and scarcity, but mostly for the captivating way in which they enhance the flavours of so many dishes.

Anthonij Rupert Wyne in Franschhoek is proudly the first wine estate in South Africa to both cultivate and produce black Perigord truffles. These exceptional quality truffles are grown at their Altima Estate near Villiersdorp, where the cool climate conditions are perfectly suited for the cultivation of these rare delicacies. Oak tree roots were inoculated with truffle spores and planted in September 2010. Truffle hunter (also known as a Trufelau) Hanene van Dyk, who learnt her craft in Piedmont, Italy, works closely with her specially-trained Lagotto Romagnolo dogs to hunt for the truffles.


Culinary enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that soon they can enjoy these earthy treasures at Anthonij Rupert Estate with the launch of their exclusive Truffle Lunches. These four-course, truffle inspired lunches will be available every Friday and Saturday throughout the truffle season from 24 May until 20 July. To ensure an exclusive dining experience, each luncheon will be kept to a maximum of 10 people. 


Whilst truffles are, of course, the centre of attention with each course, a sampling of estate-raised Black Angus beef will also be included as part of this gourmet affair. Each course will be paired with carefully-selected Cape of Good Hope Wines, produced from the vineyards which frame the oak forests at Altima. Each Truffle Lunch is priced R950 per person, inclusive of paired wines.


For the true truffle connoisseur in search of the ultimate black gold adventure, the estate can be contacted directly to arrange an exclusive tour and truffle hunting experience at Altima. A select range of estate-produced truffle products – including infused butter and truffle salt – will also be available for sale at the Terra del Capo Tasting Room from June 2019, subject to availability.


For enquiries and reservations, kindly email tasting@rupertwines.com or contact 021 874 9041.

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