De Krans’ A Twist of Fate – A Lighter Styled Portuguese Blend Perfect For ‘Braai Day’

While De Krans has traditionally been synonymous with producing award-winning port style wines, they have also managed in recent years to pave the way with developing interesting and quality Portuguese still wines.

This Portuguese blend, made up of Tinta Barocca and Tinta Amarella, is all about the story. It pays tribute to the start of the port industry in Calitzdorp when the first Portuguese grape varieties were planted in 1973, by accident. A fortunate accident it turned out to be, as the climate and the terroir embraced these supposed Shiraz acquired from the Swartland area. When they realized that the Shiraz was in fact Tinta Barocca, the port industry was born.

History repeated itself in 1999 when this time, Tinta Amarela was mistakenly planted, having thought it was Tinta Roriz. Thus followed a so-called marriage of two Tinta’s. Yes, that’s a lot of Tinta’s and it may be confusing, but if this wine teaches you one thing, it is that things don’t always go as planned and that it sometimes results in something unexpected, something even better.

Harvested together, only the free run juice is used, therefore resulting in a light-bodies fruitier, flavoursome summer red wine – the De Krans A Twist Of Fate. This wine boasts a beautiful cherry colour with red berry flavours and a spicy character. On the nose, the wine has a lovely earthiness and leather character with the12 months in oak elegantly translates into subtle oak and smooth tannins. This is the perfect summer wine for red wine drinkers and should be served chilled.

This easy drinking wine is quite versatile and is the perfect accompaniment with meaty dishes hence the nickname, the “braai” wine. Why not try this one on Heritage day this September – a great story to tell your friends and an all-round crowd pleaser when it comes to taste. Cheers to unexpected surprises and good mistakes!

Available from most outlets nationwide at R92 per bottle.

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