Richland Rum & Truth Coffee to bring the world’s best to Cape Town

Richland Rum and Truth Coffee have collaborated to bring fans of the world’s best sipping rum, and the world’s best coffee shop, a delicious rum-based drink and dessert. 

British newspaper the Daily Telegraph voted Cape Town-based Truth as the world’s best coffee shop, while Richland Rum Cask Strength was voted best sipping rum by bourbon judge and writer Fred Minnick in Forbes Magazine. 

The Hot Dutch Rum drink, made with Richland Rum, port, Richland pure cane syrup, butter, an espresso shot of Truth Coffee – Single Origin Brazil, sweetened cream float infused with Truth Coffee Resurrection Blend espresso and grated cinnamon, was created by local bartending legend Brent Perremore. “A beautiful harmony of one of the best rums I’ve tasted with great coffee. It’s the perfect indulgent treat.” Comments Perremore.

 The dessert, Rum Baba Rum, is Richland Rum soaked baba – a small yeast cake saturated in syrup – covered with banana cremaux, encased in dark chocolate. It was created by Truth’s French chef Kamal Hamzaoui, who has worked in Michelin star restaurants but has lived and worked in Cape Town for the past 16 years. “Richland is such a versatile rum that is a pleasure to work with in the creation of many desserts.”

 Coffee evangelist and owner of Truth, David Donde, said the dessert and drink combinations served to elevate both elements. “Coffee and rum are a natural combination, both strong and flavoursome, which play off the other’s richness.” 

Both offerings are limited editions, available from 01 September until 31 October.

The perfect serve? Together of course!

Pairing: R195

Hot Dutch Rum: R150
Rum Baba Rum: R110

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