De Krans unveils new release Muscat Nectar Alcohol-Free Sparkling

De Krans Wines has expanded its Moscato range with the release of the Muscat Nectar Alcohol-Free Sparkling. This refreshing alcohol-free Muscat Nectar consists of 100% muscat grapes with a slight fizz added when bottled. The Muscat Nectar has lovely tropical fruit flavours with muscat tones and a balanced acidity. Similar to the De Krans White and Red Moscato Perlé, the Muscat Nectar Alcohol- Free Sparkling will no doubt appeal to those preferring a slightly sweeter, fizzy option either on a menu or on the shelf.

The Alcohol-Free Sparkling Muscat Nectar retails for approximately R58 per bottle, and is best enjoyed chilled, on its own, or served with fresh summer salads, charcuterie or light meals. Available off the farm and some retail outlets nationwide from mid-March 2020.

Alcohol-free and de-alcoholized wines (yes, there’s a difference) are all the new rage with wine lists expected to boom with these new categories. With the proposed 0% legal blood-alcohol level law and a general sense of zero tolerance with drinking and driving, alcohol- free and de-alcoholized wines are likely to see a rise in the future, especially in restaurants and hotels. Taking into account supporting stricter drinking and driving laws, as well as a shift in focus on a healthier lifestyle, wine farms producing an alcohol-free/de-alcoholized option seems to be the new “permission to play”.

Since De Krans first produced their Premium White Moscato Perlé in 2012 the wine has become one of the producer’s best sellers. Using the best of two worlds in Muscat de Frontignan grapes and Muscat de Alexandrie juice, this wine, with its balanced acidity is a refreshing, everyday wine with a slight fizz. The wine, with a low alcohol of 8%, boasts of tropical fruit flavours like litchi, apricot, muscat and notes of honey.

De Krans expanded the range in 2017 when they produced their Premium Red Moscato Perlé. This wine, made up of Muscadel grapes and Hanepoot juice, contains about 15% Pinotage, giving it a vibrant red colour with purple undertones and resulting in a complete different flavour profile as the white moscato. The red moscato has strong fruit flavours of strawberries and blackcurrants with litchi and soft tones of muscat on the nose.

For more information, or to order online, visit the website at and follow De Krans on social media.

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