No Need to Lose Your Sparkle | Robertson Winery

Robertson Winery’s Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wines offer alcohol-free effervescence to keep you sparkling during #Lockdown or whenever…

Robertson Winery’s Range of Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wines includes a Sweet Sparkling White, a Sweet Sparkling Pink and the new Dry Sparkling White.

Here are recipe ideas for delectable cocktails for added deliciousness:

with Robertson Winery Non-Alcoholic Dry White Sparkling

View the video here:

Crushed Ice
Rosemary, chopped
RW Non-Alcoholic Dry White

In a glass, add crushed ice, and fill the glass halfway with fresh grapefruit juice. Add the chopped rosemary; and top up with RW Non-Alcoholic Dry White Sparkling.

with Robertson Winery Non-Alcoholic Sweet Rosé Sparkling

View the video here:

2 Limes, sliced
Crushed ice
200ml Soda Water
RW Non-Alcoholic Sweet Rosé Sparkling

Add 6 sprigs of mint and sliced limes into a jug. Muddle together in jug for mint & Lime flavours to release. Top up with RW NA Sweet Sparkling Rosé

Add Edible Gold Dust to Castor sugar. Dip rims of glasses in water & then dip in Gold Sugar Top up glasses with Rosé-jito mix & Serve

with Robertson Winery Non-Alcoholic Sweet White Sparkling

View video here:

Oranges, sliced for garnish
Orange Juice
Sprigs of Thyme
RW Non-Alcoholic Sweet White Sparkling

Pour orange juice into a jug and add sprigs of thyme. Mix Through. Pour Orange-Thyme Mix into glasses to fill half-way Add slice of orange. Top up with RW Non-Alcoholic Sweet White Sparkling.

All three are widely available nationally and retail between R50 and R55 per bottle.

Twitter: @RobertsonWinery
Instagram: @RobertsonWinery

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