Distell Makes Drinks Shopping Safe And Simple With New Click2Collect Platform

It’s safe, it’s smart, it’s simple and any mobile device will offer users access to the platform. South Africans can now order a wide range of their favourite alcoholic drinks via Click2Collect.co.za, a web-based solution introduced by Distell, South Africa’s leading producer and marketer of wines, spirits, ciders and other ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, sold across the world. Distell is renowned for household brands such as Amarula, Nederburg, Scottish Leader, Three Ships, Hunter’s, Savanna, 4th Street, Klipdrift and many other popular alcoholic drinks.

Click2Collect.co.za allows consumers to locate their nearest liquor outlet – some they may not even have been aware of – to place an order for payment on collection. The consumer then books collection for a specific date and time. The platform makes it convenient for users, cuts out queuing and means it’s easy to avoid crowds and maintain safe social distancing.

The platform connects consumers with more than 22 000 taverns countrywide and although designed by Distell, it allows consumers to order any alcoholic beverage, including those offered by other producers.

Distell is first implementing a special pilot project in the Western Cape to test the platform to ensure quick, smooth and convenient user capability. Said Wilson Khupe, Distell’s head of sales and distribution in Southern Africa: “We are collaborating and working with selected taverns in the Western Cape, offering them support, educational content and tools. Importantly, we are also soliciting feedback from these taverns to tweak where necessary in order to deliver a best-in-class solution.

“Apart from the obvious benefits for consumers such as safety and convenience in obtaining their alcoholic beverages of choice, the system enables taverns to trade in a socially responsible manner, as well as allows access to data that will allow them to focus on what their patrons want and avoid the burden of unnecessary stock.

Khupe added: “Distell is committed to assisting taverns, restaurants and other licenced establishments to continue trading responsibly, so they can generate an income, maintain staff and pay overheads during this challenging time.”

Lefa Mapilo, secretary of the Western Cape Liquor Traders Organisation, confirmed that the Click2Collect platform is a win-win for both legal liquor traders and their customers. “Apart from the simple convenience it offers, it eases traffic to taverns as well as controls the number of customers visiting these taverns at a given time, with an important emphasis placed on the wearing of masks. Essentially, Click2Collect.co.za allows taverns to trade responsibly, helping these liquor outlets to keep their staff and customers safe. We are excited to be working with Distell on this initiative.”

How Click2Collect works:

Click2Collect.co.za allows orders to be collected from Monday to Thursday between 09:00 and 17:00, as per current Government liquor trading and consumption regulations with only 20 slots allocated per hour, making social distancing easier to maintain.

On accessing the platform via QR code or by going to http://www.click2collect.co.za, users need to confirm that they are of legal drinking age before being allowed to use the site. They are then able to use the search bar to find the nearest taverns to their home. They can click the red location item to choose their preferred liquor outlet. This minimises the need for travelling excessive distances to purchase alcohol and therefore limits potential exposure to the Covid-19 virus. 

The consumer will then need to input their details, including their name and surname, e-mail address and cell number, choose their preferred pick-up date and time, and add their items to the cart before checking out. 

Once an order is placed on the Click2Collect.co.za platform, the liquor outlet and consumer each receive confirmation via SMS, containing a link with the order details, ticket number and address of the pickup point.

On collection, consumers are required to show their confirmation with their ID as proof that they are over 18 years of age. They pay for their order, receive their goods and encouraged to enjoy their purchase at home.


Social media post:

Buy your favourite drink safely, conveniently and simply via #Click2Collect.co.za by @DistellGroup. Locate your nearest liquor outlet, place an order for payment and collection on a specified date and time. #KeepyourDistance #SpaceSavesLives

Follow the Distell on Twitter (@DistellGroup) and Facebook (@DistellGroup). 

For more on Distell and its portfolio of brands, go to http://www.distell.co.za. 

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