Make Every Day A Skyline Day

Skyline Late Harvest is a sleek, delicious and full-bodied wine that launched last year. It may no longer be the new kid on the block, but this attractive youngster continues to draw attention wherever stocked.

In case you missed out on this crowd-pleaser, let’s paint the picture for you. Imagine a wine resplendent with tones of rich honey and fruit, in a magnificent dusk-coloured pack that sets it apart. That’s Skyline Late Harvest.

But it’s more, much more.

If you like what you like, because you’ve worked it all out – the Skyline is for you.

• If you’ve earned your stripes, now it’s payback time – the Skyline is for you.

• If you recognise quality and don’t care for the crowd, then… Skyline is very definitely for you.

Inspired by a vibrant new generation with an uncompromising taste for the good things in life, Skyline Late Harvest is named for South Africa’s great cityscapes. And it was made in this image too.

This is a single cultivar wine, best of its kind, made from only top-notch Chenin Blanc grapes. The fruit was harvested later in season, when natural sugars are concentrated in the fruit. So, no sugar is added. It is bottled at 11,2% alcohol.

Skyline – its name is its bond. And, as its label declares: this is indeed the finest gold reserve quality, a semi-sweet white wine to savour and enjoy.

Chill it and pour or mix with soda and serve on ice. It goes great with food and close company too. Or not – maybe just for you, feet up. A little reward. Whatever? Whenever!

Skyline Late Harvest is a fine balance of sweetness and acidity, so a classic match with rich liver pate or parfait. It’s great with desserts too. Try serving it with cheesecake, crème caramel or baked custard; fruit-based desserts such as apricot and peach tarts and glazed fruit tartlets or pavlova.

Stock up on Skyline Late Harvest now, which is available at your local wine retailer in a 750ml bottle for around R49,99 and in a convenient three-litre bag-in-a-box for only R134.99.

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