Nederburg Lets You Taste, Learn And Discover More

Planning to buy fine wine? If you’re going to the store, when you pick up a bottle of your favourite Nederburg, you’ll immediately see a difference. First up, the label’s been given a makeover.  Fresher, cleaner and clearer, it whispers quiet, confident sophistication. You’ll find that the new look mirrors what’s in the bottle too, with livelier, fresher-styled wines.

While these changes are only evident from the 2020 vintage whites and rosés, and the 2019 reds, the brand is celebrating these updates right now with an exciting new campaign that entices wine lovers to taste, learn and discover. “Nederburg is a well-loved brand and a household name in wine,” explains marketing manager, Jackie Olivier. “We make sure to stay relevant and current with a rich and varied treasure trove of exciting offerings that invite you to explore across a range of style and price points.

“Our campaign is being run across a variety of platforms, making it easily accessible and simple to participate. We’re running it with the major retail chains and e-commerce purveyors, as well as on our own  Every purchase you make gives you a chance to win a prize from a superb culinary weekend away in the Western Cape that includes a magical harvest experience at Nederburg to an opportunity to connect with loved ones and to enjoy occasions you may have missed out on during hard lockdown. There are also restaurant vouchers for dining at Nederburg’s The Manor and discounts on wine.

“We also have a line-up of other imaginative prizes designed to get you to taste, learn and discover. Special boxes are filled with different flavours, accessories and instructions, they let you explore in fun and different ways over games, cooking and other leisure activities.”

To keep curiosity ignited, Nederburg is also scheduling a range of intriguing interactive events in the historic Manor House (now called The Manor) that’s been given a fabulous décor update. “As just one example, we’ll be holding a monthly summer garden party in collaboration with 4Roomed eKasi Culture from Khayelitsha.”

“Lastly, we’ve upgraded our website for a superior user experience. You can find out about our many Taste, Learn and Discover competitions, activations and brand home events via this platform.”

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