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Charles Fox is situated in the cool-climate Elgin Valley and was originally a fruit farm planted with apples, pears and plums.

Charles and Zelda Fox purchased Furneaux Farm in 2005 with their goal being to make the closes thing to Champagne right here in Elgin Valley.

Our vision is to specialise in Cap Classique made in the traditional Champagne method that is comparable to the best that the world has to offer,” declares founder and winemaker Charles Fox.

There are 3 varieties planted on the farm that are used in Champagne: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The tasting room is situated on top of the hill overlooking the vineyard with beautiful bubbles and stunning views of the Elgin Valley.

There’s a fully equipped cellar and an underground storage facility that allows for the control of quality, from start to finish.

Sugar and yeast are added to the base wine which is bottled and sealed with a crown cap. Hundreds of bottles are neatly arranged horizontally in the arched cellar and the second fermentation gets underway. It also displays the vintage and how many bottles are stored in each section. To think it can store up to 200,000 bottles! 2 years for Reserve and a minimum of 3 years for Vintage.

Once the second fermentation is complete the yeast forms a sediment of ‘lees’ in the bottle. The yeast deposit needs to be removed and is placed on gyropalettes and gets turned allowing the lees to gradually move into the neck of the bottle.

Disgorgement takes place to remove the lees and crown cap. About 3% of volume gets lost and is topped up with Chardonnay and sugar which is known as dosage. Bottle is sealed with a cork and wire cage.

The underground cellar tour is an amazing experience where you get to learn about the Champagne method (Cap Classique) – from fermenting and riddling to disgorgement and dosage. The end result is tasting the delightful bubbles that leaves the palate begging for more.


Beautiful golden hue. Biscotti aromas coming through on the nose with fresh fruity flavours of pear on the palate. Lengthy finish, perfect for any occasion.


Translucent golden hue with tiny persistent bubbles bringing creaminess to the palate. Brioche, bread and buttery notes. Soft hints of yellow fruit and honey. The finish reveals a well balanced and pleasure structure with a hint of spices.


A beautiful pink brut rose MCC made of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. Succulent summer fruits with a fine acidity. Balanced, and complex. Pure beautiful and delicate first taste, well balanced and a generous palate. Aromas of red fruit and a fresh finish.


A shining hue with fine consistent effervescence. Expressive, complex and mineral aromas of almond & brioche. Crisp fresh bubbles and a creamy palate. Very elegant and precise – lovely composure and detail.


This wine is made in a north Burgundy style and aged on old French barrels, resulting in a smooth and accessible wine. This wine is dedicated to Muriel Cecile Furneaux, known as Granny Fox. Red cherry and strawberry on the palate. Well balanced with a lingering aftertaste.

A labour of love, undertaken by hand with the utmost care and attention. A glass of Cap Classique can be just the thing to liven up a meal and raise your spirits.

89 Valley Road, Elgin | Western Cape, South Africa

+27 82 569 2965 / +27 82 471 3444




Monday to Friday from 11h00-16h00 | Saturday and Sunday from 10h00-16h00

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