New Roodeberg gift pack captures the art of storytelling

The art of storytelling is synonymous with Roodeberg, the legendary red blend that has stood the test of time for over seven decades with a story in every bottle.

In celebration of Father’s Day on Sunday, 19 June, Roodeberg has released a beautifully designed, limited edition gift pack that depicts the magnificent gables of La Concorde, the home of Roodeberg, bringing the wine’s rich storytelling legacy to life.

The Roodeberg Classic Red gift pack gives prominence to the iconography and tales of the resplendent La Concorde gables, while honouring winemaking with illustrations of the beautiful Paarl vineyards and imposing wine barrels in the Roodeberg cellar.

Designed by the Spanish sculptor, Florencio Cuairan, and constructed in Paarl in the 1950s, the gables portray the Greek mythological tale of Ganymede, cupbearer of the gods, entwined by a large eagle and joined by mischievous grape eating cherubs. Taking on the form of an eagle, Zeus, the king of the gods, abducted the beautiful young prince of Troy with the promise of immortality. As cupbearer, Ganymede was cherished as wine steward to the gods. Gargoyles and lions feature prominently on the gables as guardians of the vineyards and cellars of Roodeberg, guiding the winemaking team towards innovation into the future.

Roodeberg’s own story is the stuff of legends. Evolving from the master’s original blend first created in 1949, a special panel of winemakers has steered the secret blend since the 1960s. Roodeberg’s evolution continues today as a contemporary wine in step with changing times, yet the wine remains firmly rooted in its rich history.

The beautifully nuanced Roodeberg Classic Red Blend erupts in your glass with aromatic layers of fresh red and dark fruit, cassis and hints of spice and dark chocolate. The texture is elegant and soft with notes of cedar oak and dark plums, supported by silky tannins that linger long after the last sip. The Roodeberg Classic Red gift pack is available at leading stores countrywide at a suggested price of R109.99.

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