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Nitida is a boutique family wine farm situated in the beautiful Durbanville Wine Region. Named after Protea nitida, a plant found on the property. Protea nitida is the waboom or wagon tree, which was traditionally used for making wagon wheels and axles.

The labels on the bottles are inspired by the Protea nitidus in their garden, as well as some local renosterveld plants, birds and insects found on the farm.

The tasting room is situated inside their barrel maturation cellar where they have 3 options for wine tastings to choose from. 

In two of the tasting options, you are able to choose which 4 wines you would like to taste between the Classical Tasting and Artisanal Tasting. The third option is the pre-set tasting of specific wines with our Sensory Sauvignon Blanc Experience.

Classical Tasting

Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. Creamy fine mousse embraced by a wondrous mouthful of delectable red fruit, green apple, ruby grapefruit and zesty naartjie.

A wonderful full-flavoured Sauvignon Blanc. Guavas, granadilla & tropical fruit on introduction & on further acquaintance, peaches & crisp green apples. A zesty fuity & creamy wine wih a beautifully rounded mouthfeel.

A delicious taste of red cherries and plums when it meets the palate, followed by a smooth, lingering wood spice aftertaste.

A blend of Merlot followed by Cabernet Sauvignon & Malbec. A harmonious composition, melodies of luscious red fruit, rich dark chocolate & warm sticky toffee pudding.

Artisanal Tasting

Vibrantly fresh fruit aromas followed by citrus and honey in the palate. The rich, creamy, gorgeous mouth feel is enhanced by orange peel & dried apricots.

Aromatic and floral with a medley of dried fruit and orange blossom together with minerality that follows through onto the palate.

Indulge in the soft and smooth tannins which complement the flavour of dark red rose petals on the palate. An impression of red fruit makes an appearance with a subtle hint of strawberries and sour cherry.

A blend of luscious dark red fruit and blueberry, complemented by notes of tobacco leaves. Flavours of mulberry take you back to childhood days of climbing a mulberry tree to pick the gems they off.

For more info:
+27 21 976 1467

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