Let Your Creative Juices Flow | De Kleipot

Situated in the beautiful winemaking region of Worcester, located on the Aan de Doorns farm is where you would find De Kleipot studio.

De Kleipot creates a wide variety of high quality, hand-crafted, hand-painted tiles and was established in 2009 by Petro van Zyl. They specialise in hand-made, hand-painted tiles.

Products vary from mosaic styles, tiles in different colours, styles, shapes and sizes, including Art Nouveau, heart- and flower tiles, floor tiles and different shaped wall tiles. Ranges to suit different décor moods and trends, from vintage to modern.

Not only do they sell different products, you get to create your own. If you find yourself all wined out and looking for a fun entertaining activity in Worcester, then De Kleipot is just the place to get your creative juices flowing.

Booking by appointment is essential. You can book a workshop for you and a few friends for a fun and creative event. It is also popular with birthdays and kitchen teas.

Petro is a lovely, patient teacher and she will rake you through the steps.

Clay will be given for each guest to create their own bowl. Petro guides you to form and smooth the bowl. While bowls are left to dry, guests can enjoy something to eat and drink.

The last step will be to smooth out the edges of the bowl and then the bowls get baked. The end result is a unique masterpiece of note!

Contact Information:
Telephone: 023 342 1388
Email: petro@dekleipot.co.za
Address: Aan de Doorns, Worcester

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