A Different View of Paul Wallace Wines

Tucked away in the cool climate region of Elgin, just an hour drive from Cape Town, is where you would find Paul Wallace Farms. What used to be Golden Delicious and Granny Smith orchards, have now been replaced by vineyards. The vineyards are painted in different shades of green. Greeted by breathtaking views and welcomed by a true sense of family hospitality from Paul and Nicky!

As you stand on the porch of the tasting room you are immediately drawn in by the panoramic views and it only takes a couple of seconds for your attention to be diverted to the sight of what lies just a couple of meters ahead. One of the dogs if not all will be there to welcome you with wagging tails, waiting in anticipation for their cuddles.

Take a stroll with Paul as he takes you on a tour through the vineyards all the way up the hill to give you full insight into their varietals while pointing out where on the beautiful landscape the grapes are growing and also what goes into the making of their amazing wines.

Paul tells wonderful stories and has extensive knowledge and you soon learn about things such as blister mites on leaves to different mixtures of cover crops as he points them out to you. He also explains the different types of leaves and why certain leaves have sharp teeth.

Bokkeveld shale and Table Mountain sandstone are the two parent soils in the Elgin Valley and is interesting how soils bring out different characteristics and a kaleidoscope of flavours in wine.

As you make your way up the hill where the dam is, you are greeted by a view that’s hard to beat. Vineyards in every direction that you look with the most gorgeous backdrop of the Elgin Valley.

The farm grows Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Malbec, Chardonnay, Hanepoot and Cabernet Franc. They also sell some of their Sauvignon Blanc grapes to top winemakers in the Western Cape.

Gazing over the vineyards from the porch, you’ll be delighted to find a wine to please every palette as their wines taste like it’s straight from heaven. Their wines are elegant, well-balanced with beautiful longevity. Perfect for any occasion.

After lockdown, why not make your way to Paul Wallace Wines. You’ll definitely want to try their wines as they are paired with delicious Belgian chocolates.

Wanna spend the night? Sure! The beautiful farm-style cottages have everything you need and the tasting room is right next door. It’s a win-win deal to me!

If you want to read more about the wines and the cottages on a previous article I wrote, you can click on the following link:

Stay safe!

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